Slack Status Updater CLI

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Slack Status Updater

My first thoughts on why such a thing should exist and what it might look like to start with and some thoughts on how it could expand over time

Logs and Notes

[Devlog] Defaults and Adding CRUD

In this log, I'm going to start working towards a first release by getting the CLI to setup default templates and fill in config files for the user. I'll also work on the CRUD functionality to modify statuses through the CLI

[Devlog] Alpha polish

Polishing the alpha on the road to a stable v1.0 release. Lots of little acts of polish :)

[Devlog] Connecting the core to CLI

With some "core" features done, I jump into connecting it to the CLI repo. In this one, I'll learn how to import a package that I've written and use it. I'll also learn how to work with a CLI package, and the file system.

[Devlog] Changing statuses

Figuring out how to mock api's for testing and implementing the actual status change process.

[Devlog] Creating Models

My first steps into actually creating the tool. I wrangled pretty hard with some interesting aspects of Go for this one.

[Devlog] Setting up the dev environment

Trying to figure out how to setup the packages and the structure for working on this project. Golang has its surprises.

[Notes] Figuring out Scope

Figuring out what I want to achieve in version 0.1 alpha first iteration of the tool. Hint: A lot of stuff got cut.

[Notes] Picking a language

Using part science, part emotion to decide which language I want to code with. Sadly I didn't get to pick the tool I secretly wanted.